Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Enquirer Blog: Pepper clearly out-maneuvering Heimlich.

Politics Extra: Poll makes Pepper proud

I'm not at all surprised. A large number of Republicans are sick and tired of Heimlich's associates...and it is coming back to bite Heimlich in the ass. Heimlich appointed COAST leader Chris Finney to all sorts of county boards and commissions. Finney and Representative Tom Brinkman are the guys who founded COAST. Annoying Clown Nate Noy is a former Brinkman campaign volunteer who loves to file frivolous complaints against Jean Schmidt. It appears that Finney is behind him. What a mess. Phil is keeping poor company.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Enquirer Blog: Laughing at Noy

Politics Extra: Opening remarks

Now, Noy is being laughed at. I wonder why. How the hell did Finney find this guy? Oh, I know...he's a former Brinkman volunteer...or so the rumor mill says.

Enquirer Blog: New developments in Noy case

Politics Extra: New developments in Noy case

Now, it seems that COAST leader Chris Finney's puppet/"special friend", Nate Noy, is trying to get an Enquirer reporter to testify. WTF is up with that? He wants Jon Craig to testify about a blog post where Craig scribbles about an update from the Schmidt folks. So, when is Noy going to turn on his puppetmaster/"special friend"? We think he will, after the OEC sticks Noy with thousands in legal bills. Nate, your friends at COAST have screwed you over.

Politics Extra: The gang's all here

Enquirer Blog: Waiting...

The Enquirer, like everybody else, is still waiting for the OEC smackdown of Chris Finney's puppet/special friend Nate Noy and the bizarre complaint about a faux photo. Everybody knows that the COAST cabal is full of crap on this one, and we're all wondering when Noy will turn on them. Maybe after the OEC sticks him with Schmidt's legal bills for filing a bunch of frivolous complaints?

Noy and his handlers look even dumber.

The Cincinnati Enquirer this morning has an article that makes Nate Noy and his COAST handler Chris Finney look even dumber. WTF wonders, though, what effect this will have on Finney's cronies Phil Heimlich and Tom Brinkman, backed up by the aptly named 'Blower Jim Schifrin.

More to come.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Expansion Time.

I just noticed that my blog is food intensive. Maybe that explains the extra 35 pounds that I've packed on. Getting old is a bitch.

The Great Chili wars.

For over twenty years, ever since I moved here, I've been a chili eater. Well, it is time to release the "Chili Rankings".

My favorite is Empress Chili, followed by Dixie. Gold Star is in 3rd Place, while Skyline brings up the rear. I really don't know what the fascination is with Skyline. It must be because of the name, because the quality is awful. Limp pasta, fatty meat, too spicy hot sauce, yuck. The cheese, however, is great.