Thursday, August 31, 2006

Enquirer: turning on Noy?

Politics Extra: More on NoyGate

The Enquirer's blog is now referring to the the photo flap as NoyGate. Just the name they are calling it seems to indicate that they think that Noy's complaints are not quite there.

Speaking more of Noy and his friends:

WTF has received a report that Rep. Tom Brinkman opposed legislation earlier this year that could help prevent another Marcus Feisel incident. WTF has not confirmed this report, and stresses that it is only an unconfirmed report. WTF will do its best to confirm or refute the report in the next 24 hours.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, Rep. Brinkman is the co-founder of COAST along with Chris Finney. Finney and Brinkman, along with their stooge Whistleblower Jim Schifrin and certain other allies are suspected by many within the Hamilton County Republican Party and most of the area bloggers of being the masterminds behind Pike County wackjob Nate Noy's frivolous and bizarre COMPLAINTS against Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. WTF has received word that this Nate Noy "gentleman" is most certainly working at the behest of Finney, however, WTF once again stresses that we have not yet confirmed these reports, and are only reporting HCRP and Clermont County rumors and innuendo. However, as a former former Anderson Twp. resident, WTF would not be surprised.

WTF is disturbed by the UNCONFIRMED allegations that Representative Brinkman did not fully (or at all????) support measures that could prevent another death of a foster child, and will work diligently to either confirm or refute these allegations.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Baby gets worse.

This is a difficult situation, and it tears all of us up. But, it is worse. WTF has received a report that Amy Baker, the "girlfriend" involved in the Marcus Feisel murder, was more than David Carroll's girlfriend. The source says that she was also Liz Carroll's girlfriend. WTF hears that Baker was "shared" by the couple.

Marcus never had a chance.

We can't let it happen again.

WTF has shed a tear or two...maybe more. I'm sure that many others have, and will. None of us knew the boy, but many of us have kids. Marcus belongs to all of us. He belongs to all of us who cry because the boy lived in filth, and ended up in worse. He belongs to all of us who all of us who think about what he could have been, and how he deserved to be loved. Marcus never had a real Mom, or a real Dad. How can we live with that? Mom and Dad are not just titles that are given, they are earned. Nobdy earned those titles from Marcus.

Enquirer Blog: Saylor vindicates Schmidt, Noy looks like a clown.

Enquirer Blog: Pamela Saylor is found, backs up Schmidt

So, our friends at the Enquirer have talked with the elusive Pamela Saylor. She backed up Schmidt's story (as if there was any doubt among the sane). The question remains...will Noy save himself further embarassment and drop his phony charges? Will he remain quiet? Will he tell the truth about who put him up to this? Lots of people are claiming that other Republicans are behind this. Are they? I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised, but I'd like to think that Republicans will stand behind their nominee. We'll see what develops.

My original thoughts when I first read about it, as I stole from my own posting at the Enq. Blog.

Yet another nail in the coffin of Nate Noy's credibility. I wonder how angry he is at his puppetmasters now? Nate, you've been used. The folks who put you up to this have used you and destroyed your credibility. The truth in Ohio's 2nd? The truth is that your "friends" have used you and set you up for a fall. They are not your friends at all.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday is here.

Big week ahead of us. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot will be at the Blue Chip YR meeting tonight. George Vincent is the speaker. After that, Whiskey Tango will probably stick around to see the game. He is very interested in hearing the buzz on what's going on in HamCo. Hopefully there will be a good turnout. WTF used to be pretty active in the Blue Chippers, but has not been for some time. It'll be nice to see who is still around.

WTF also can't wait to see Saint Marvin of Cincinnati and his Bengals.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Politics Extra: People with too much time on their hands

Politics Extra: People with too much time on their hands

The Enquirer has a post where a guy named Joe discredits this "Nate Noy" guy and his bizzare allegations about a doctored photo.

Read the comments for that and other posts. It seems that many suspect that COAST and a guy named Finney are behind the absurdities.

The new blog. My first blog.

Well. Here I am. Located in the East-Central suburbs of Cincinnati. You'll likely see me in Kenwood, or Montgomery, sometimes in Blue Ash, other times in Madeira (great drycleaners on Camargo Road). If you really want to find me, visit me for lunch at Penn Station. I can't get enough of their fries. I'm typically Republican, but have been known to vote Dem every now and then. This whole "blog" thing is interesting. I'm going to try it for a month or so, and see how I like it. What does my "name" mean? Look it up. More to come.