Thursday, August 31, 2006

Enquirer: turning on Noy?

Politics Extra: More on NoyGate

The Enquirer's blog is now referring to the the photo flap as NoyGate. Just the name they are calling it seems to indicate that they think that Noy's complaints are not quite there.

Speaking more of Noy and his friends:

WTF has received a report that Rep. Tom Brinkman opposed legislation earlier this year that could help prevent another Marcus Feisel incident. WTF has not confirmed this report, and stresses that it is only an unconfirmed report. WTF will do its best to confirm or refute the report in the next 24 hours.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, Rep. Brinkman is the co-founder of COAST along with Chris Finney. Finney and Brinkman, along with their stooge Whistleblower Jim Schifrin and certain other allies are suspected by many within the Hamilton County Republican Party and most of the area bloggers of being the masterminds behind Pike County wackjob Nate Noy's frivolous and bizarre COMPLAINTS against Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. WTF has received word that this Nate Noy "gentleman" is most certainly working at the behest of Finney, however, WTF once again stresses that we have not yet confirmed these reports, and are only reporting HCRP and Clermont County rumors and innuendo. However, as a former former Anderson Twp. resident, WTF would not be surprised.

WTF is disturbed by the UNCONFIRMED allegations that Representative Brinkman did not fully (or at all????) support measures that could prevent another death of a foster child, and will work diligently to either confirm or refute these allegations.

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Anonymous said...

WTF, this is TNP writing.

The mere fact that you referred to that miscreant Whistleblower, Jim Schifrin, as a "stooge" for Brinkman/Finney puts you and me on the same side of the fence. Thanks. It's nice to have company when panning the maestro of potty and body scatology. All the best!