Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Baby Marcus...it gets worse.

This is a difficult situation, and it tears all of us up. But, it is worse. WTF has received a report that Amy Baker, the "girlfriend" involved in the Marcus Feisel murder, was more than David Carroll's girlfriend. The source says that she was also Liz Carroll's girlfriend. WTF hears that Baker was "shared" by the couple.

Marcus never had a chance.

We can't let it happen again.

WTF has shed a tear or two...maybe more. I'm sure that many others have, and will. None of us knew the boy, but many of us have kids. Marcus belongs to all of us. He belongs to all of us who cry because the boy lived in filth, and ended up in worse. He belongs to all of us who all of us who think about what he could have been, and how he deserved to be loved. Marcus never had a real Mom, or a real Dad. How can we live with that? Mom and Dad are not just titles that are given, they are earned. Nobdy earned those titles from Marcus.


Anonymous said...

As if that is not disgusting enough... the girlfriend watched the foster parents tape the boy in a blanket like a cocoon, she watched them close the door while listening to his cries. They ALL THREE left and went swimming during the hottest month of the summer. They ate, drank and had fun. They laughed. Amy Baker is an accomplice to murder and she is getting off scott free. Why are we as a nation letting a co-murderer walk free on our streets?!! She was WITH david carroll while he poured gasoline over a baby's body and tossed in a match. All she had to do was make a phone call to save that little boy's life. All she had to do was say STOP. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU -- FIGHT THIS AND PUT HER BEHIND BARS. I am going to write to everyone to get this noticed. A newspaper in Cincinnati said that they didn't want this to go National because the city already suffered enough bad publicity with the rioting a couple years back. Now they are going to let a murderer walk free on the streets. Watch your children carefully people.

Anonymous said...

On Labor Day, I read a guest column editorial written by Phil Heimlich about Marcus.

The real tragedy of Marcus stems from the long term consequences created by people like Heimlich, Chabot, Taft, and Bush who support "hands off" government.

I'm not saying Heimlich is responsible for Marcus, but we are certainly on our way to being more like Butler C. than building our resources in Ham. Co.

Anonymous said...

This government is so hands off, try calling in an questionable abuse case seen at a nursing home. I did and all I got "talk to the supervisor." But the supervisor was the problem!

In Ohio, there was a system to report abuse case which was done away by Taft because who needs an investigation team if all the nursing homes are "regulated."

No longer easyily indexed in the phone pages are there any elder abuse hotlines. Do we still have this or is it buried somewhere?

I was actually told to call "911" sarcastically. I was furious!

what happened was an elder man who was obviously higher than a kite on medication was being yelled at for ripping up a magazine.

This is man who never swore in his life and is the most gentlest soul that ever walked the planet.

He did not want to be there at the nursing facility, he was hirer then a kite, but was forced to be there because a bed at Drake was not available because he was "too well."

But his condition has seriously deteriorated in the past 2 weeks since his surgery. Had he stayed in just a few more days he would have gone home.

I told his wife to call the doctor and demand a bed because he will die.

Thank you Mr. Hemilich Manuver for being such a good Christian caring for our elderly.

Vincent said...

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