Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Enquirer Blog: Saylor vindicates Schmidt, Noy looks like a clown.

Enquirer Blog: Pamela Saylor is found, backs up Schmidt

So, our friends at the Enquirer have talked with the elusive Pamela Saylor. She backed up Schmidt's story (as if there was any doubt among the sane). The question remains...will Noy save himself further embarassment and drop his phony charges? Will he remain quiet? Will he tell the truth about who put him up to this? Lots of people are claiming that other Republicans are behind this. Are they? I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised, but I'd like to think that Republicans will stand behind their nominee. We'll see what develops.

My original thoughts when I first read about it, as I stole from my own posting at the Enq. Blog.

Yet another nail in the coffin of Nate Noy's credibility. I wonder how angry he is at his puppetmasters now? Nate, you've been used. The folks who put you up to this have used you and destroyed your credibility. The truth in Ohio's 2nd? The truth is that your "friends" have used you and set you up for a fall. They are not your friends at all.


Anonymous said...

This is TNP ("Take No Prisoners").

The Bedouin saying, "The dogs bark and the caravan moves on," applies to this Nathan Noy noise. I hope young Nate has some savings or real good credit, 'cause the OEC is gonna be irate in early September when they uncover the smoke and mirrors of his complaint. An irate bureaucrat usually finds a way to get into the pockets of the offending party. I wonder if COAST will cough up the bread to lighten Nate's load once the fertilizer strikes the revolving blades? Why does the old cliche about killing a fly with a hammer come to mind?

Emma Morrow said...

That Nathan Noy is so bizarrely ANGRY, I can't imagine how he would be in office.

Is THIS how people like that prosecutor in Texas get in office?

Sigh. The pity is that someone like Nate Noy probably lives in his girlfirends' apartment and has nothing of value for Schmidt to take.