Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1984 anyone? This is just creepy.

Big Brother has arrived in the United Kingdom.

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TNP said...

WTF, the poster is more than a little eerie. But unfortunately the ever-present threat of Islamic Jihadist terrorism creates the pressing need for this kind of public surveillance. While we and our Israeli and British allies are defeating the thugs and murderers of Islamic Jihadism internationally and domestically, we must remember how things SHOULD be and how things must be re-established after the threat of terrorist violence is eliminated. Then there will be no need for "Big Brother is Watching You" kinds of posters. I will be among the very first to rebel if the curtailing of liberty persists beyond the end of the terrorist threat. For now, I am cautiously content to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Tnp, what's the end game; how is the threat of terrorist violence eliminated? The fact of the matter is that so long as there are people walking this Earth, there will always be that threat. Just not from Islamic Jihadism, but from home-grown terrorists as well. Remember Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols & Eric Rudolph?

It's disconcerting to hear you say you're willing to step onto that slippery slope. Once you accept surveillance on a condition that will never cease, you throw away your liberties, your freedom & your God given rights. One should never be willing to allow the curtailing of liberty for any reason, not matter how “necessary” it might seem.

TNP said...

Anonymous at 3:53pm, when the nuke goes off within a couple of miles of you and your family, your liberty won't amount to a hill of beans. You think that can't happen? Think again, and remember that Honest Abe suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. It was necessary for security purposes. I'm glad you weren't in his cabinet. The South might have won.

And I absolutely don't buy your argument that we can't win this war against the Islamo-fascists thugs and murderers and the totalitarian regimes that support them. We will win, despite opposition from well-meaning, ill-informed and inexperienced folks like you.

Anonymous said...

Tnp, I understand your fears, but your example is nothing more then fear-mongering at best. It's tantamount to me saying that because the risk of driving on our highways is so great (over 40,000 deaths each year), that you'll suspend our right to drive to save lives; at least until we find a way to defeat the reckless drivers.

I'll admit regimes can be toppled, governments overthrown & countries defeated, but I'll ask again, tell me how you defeat these "Islamo-fascists thugs and murderers" who have no borders & nothing to lose. How do you defeat home-grown terrorists who don't fall into your pigeon-holed, narrow minded definition of who constitutes a terrorist?

I fear it's not the well-meaning, ill-informed and inexperienced folks like me who will lose this war on terror, but short-sighted, Islamophobes like you, whose well-intentioned ideas & actions will do nothing more then hurt OUR cause in the long run.

TNP said...

Foreign terroristic thugs and murderers we defeat by killing them, disabling them or forever imprisoning them, whatever it takes, however long it takes. It's war, and we must win it, despite "why can't we all just get along" types like you. Wars are won by killing people and breaking things. Is that harsh? You bet. It's also life on this troubled planet. How do I know? I'm a war vet. I've seen it. It sucks. But so does living as a dhimmi in a Muslim-dominated, Sharia-controlled nation. So also does living in fear that some jihadist death-seeker will set off a 1-kiloton nuke in downtown Boise. That kind of horror MUST BE PREVENTED NOT REACTED TO.

Domestic terrorists we track down and prosecute.

Look, you don't know enough to know how little you know. There's no sense in pursuing this exchange.
I know what you're gonna say before you say it. You may also know what I'm gonna write, too. So forget it. Take your final whacks at me and do something else.

Anonymous said...

I fear you are right tnp, we'll never see eye to eye on this.

For the record, I'm for fighting & killing & forever imprisoning the terrorist, both home & abroad. We just differ on the means to get to the victory we both so desire. I think relinquishing personal liberty comes at too high a price.

Boise Whiskey Tango said...

From the "It's a Small World" Department...

I post to local Blogs here in Boise, Idaho and came across your Blog whilst Googling my handle, "Boise Whiskey Tango" (Tongue-in-Cheek for Boise White Trash).

As a New Yorker (there's no such thing as an "Ex" New Yorker) it pains me to say it; but a 1 kt Device would be "best" deployed against NYC (if only for the accompanying Data Destroying EMP) than Boise.

And yes, that London Metro Police poster IS creepy. Almost as creepy as the logo for the Office of Total Information Awareness.

Keep on keepin' on.

Chavi said...

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