Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Congress From Hell

This is the last thing we need, but the "retired" (Borat humor reference) people across America have spoken.
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TNP said...

My prayers now include this plea: "God have mercy on our nation. Our Congress is in the hands of leftist fools."

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Don't worry, TNP -- maybe that rapture you've been waiting for will finally happen so all us liberals can get left behind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Republiscams have really done such great things for this country. Torture, spying on US citizens, losing a city, extrodinary rendition, quagmire with a country that didn't attack us and the list goes on and on.

No Dean, there's a special place in hell for those that support mass murder. They'll be left behind talking to you.

TNP said...

Dean, I'm not totally convinced of the validity of Rapture theology, but I do know that if it does indeed occur, you and every other unbeliever, whether they are aggressively sarcastic like you or not, will be left behind. And even when the truth is blatantly obvious to you and folks who think as you do (as in when the lites go out for you), you will persist in thumbing your nose at the Creator. The Bible refers to unbelievers as "fools." Figures. But enough of this. An old friend of mine from a few years ago would have referred to trading insults with you as about as useful as "looking up a dead horse's butt." You and I both have more productive ways to spend our valuable time.

Anonymous at 3:58 pm, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Andrew Warner said...

Ha ha ha.

I love logic based on fairy tale assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Yes Andrew,TNP believes in lots of fairy tales, like we're delivering democracy to Iraq and we'll be victorious with our perpetual war for peace. George Bush is a strong leader who fights Islamic Jihadists by reading "My Pet Goat" for 7 minutes after being told the countries under attack.

TNP said...

Andrew and A-Nony-Moose, your oh-so-worldly-wise, cynical remarks belie the diversity you "Secular Progressives" constantly trumpet. But what can one expect from a couple of moral relativists who make up their standards of behavior based on whatever situation they find themselves in. You are accountable to no one but yourselves. You strike out in laughable attempts to ridicule those whose deeply-held beliefs you do not understand and yet hold in contempt. You face your inevitable death without hope. You seek to build your self-esteem by trying to tear down the self-respect of others. I've seen a thousand materialist zealots like you two, and I always manage to infuriate by promising to pray for them. And I'll pray for you two also, whether you want me to or not; I know it won't make any difference to either of you, since you will view my prayers as more indulgence in "fairy tales." So be it.

Meanwhile, WTF's posting is right on. The Democrat-controlled houses of Congress truly constitute "The Congress From Hell."

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I've seen a thousand materialist zealots like you two...

Materialist zealots? Now TNP professes to have magical insights into the characters of people he has never met!


I guess that's what they call a miracle.

From the perspective of someone who knows Andrew Warner personally, calling him a "materialist" is probably the most off-base thing I've read for at least a few weeks.

The accusation is made more ironic given the "omniscient" bombast spouting from TNP's rhetoric -- writing with a "holier-than-thou" style that presumes much about people s/he knows not -- especially when we consider the "judge-not-lest-ye-be-judged" undercurrents that highlight Christian ideology.

TNPanty must be up in some bunches right about now...

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Also, I would like to offer a prayer on behalf of TNP:

Lord, hear this petition:

Meck-a-leck-a-hi, meck-a-hiney-ho.
Meck-a-leck-a-hi, meck-a-chiney-ho.

It reminds me of a Pink Floyd quote:

Far away, across the fields,
the tolling of the iron bells,
calls the faithful to their knees,
to hear the softly spoken magic spells.

TNP said...

To the Dean and A-Nony-Moose, may each of you have a thousand children.

Andrew Warner said...


Those who who believe in diversity must be highly skeptical of all religion and religious people. After all, religion is responsible for the creation of humanity's only truly irreconcilable differences. It's a constant source of sexism, racism, homophobia, and holy wars.

And Ironically, whenever your baseless thoughts or ideas are questioned you hide behind the banner of diversity.

We could go back and forth all day in the usual atheist/believer dialogue where you tell me how I face my death with no hope, and I would say you quiver in fear and create an alternate reality that puts your weak mind at ease (quite similar to the brain work of a schizophrenic), but I've grown tired of religious banter with overly-proud sheep.

You seem to be proud that you deal in absolutes while others practice moral relativism (you seem to be using that term as a synonym of "rational thought), but I'm not trying to tear you down to build self-esteem. I'm only asking you engage conversation, whether it be politics, science, mathematics, literature, etc., without hinging every point on some silly, personal belief.

I know it's a stretch for someone who thinks the world is a "Left Behind" novel, but give it a try some time.

TNP said...

Andrew W., folks like you feast on the beliefs of others, in part, I think, because you have none, at least none that you would be willing to die for. Your assumption that I'm weak-minded, that I subscribe to fairy tales, that I hide behind diversity, that I live in a world outlined by a religious novel, that my beliefs are "silly," peculiar to me personally and "baseless," are all utterly and totally wrong. I take no pride in adhering to moral absolutes; it's a simple statement of fact. Absolute truth exists, whether you deny it or not. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that moral relativism leads to spiritual and moral aimlessness. In such a guideless cultural context, traditional marriage comes under attack, groups such as NAMBLA flourish, political correctness determines what is "right" and what is "wrong" (at least this week), the very existence of evil is denied or redefined as drilling for oil in ANWR or preventing a woman from killing the developing human being in her womb and the ugliness of war is touted as the very worst of all human behaviors regardless of the reasons for it.

But enough of this. WTF already has indicated his dissatisfaction with our argument. And I will stand down. I'm tired of casting pearls before swine, even swine for whom I feel a profound pity, because despite your intelligence and your ability to communicate your thoughts, you are trapped in a lie so deeply ingrained in you that you may never even see it let alone overcome it. And now, talk to yourself.

Anonymous said...

TNP, why can't you stay the course? It's ok to disagree, don't be a cut and runner.

The problem I see is that though the Democrats support the immoral and illegal war. You all have convinced yourself that they won't.

Their policies aren't much different from the Republicans, leading Democrats voted for most of Bush's failed and corrupt agaenda, so why are they from hell?

Please explain why we went to war with Iraq. You seem to think it was to fight Islamic Jihadist, but as I keep pointing out, Hussien was a secular leader. Please explain.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

There is an absolute truth, TNP, which is why you are absolutely wrong.