Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Special Place in Hell.

I can't begin to tell you how much this sickens me. The Death Penalty is not enough for this woman.

Woman Charged With Killing Her Baby in a Microwave

From WCPO.com

A Dayton woman is charged with killing her newborn daughter by putting her in the microwave.

Dayton police said recent evidence proved China Arnold, 26, killed 3 week old Paris Talley in August 2005.

The baby was already dead when she was brought to the hospital.

A coroner determined she died of extreme heat, even though her body had no signs of burns or scalding.

Gary White with the Dayton Police Department said, "There is some information that potentially an appliance could have been used to cause the burns to this baby."

Arnold is charged with aggravated murder and is being held at the Montgomery County Jail.

WTF is repulsed. WTF is sickened. WTF would like to note that behaviour like this is the result of the Culture of Death perpetrated by the pro-abortion crowd. There is NO difference between this heinous crime and Partial Birth Abortion. Partial Birth Abortion is the form of infanticide in which a baby, nearly completely out of the birth canal, has a pair of scissors shoved into his skull and his brains sucked out by a vacuum.

Try to tell me that shoving scissors into the skull of a nearly born infant is any different than microwaving that same infant three weeks later.

Just try it.

China Arnold? She needs to pay. She is disgusting. She is no better than an animal.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...



TNP said...

WTF, I don't think I could possibly agree with you more than I do. I never thought I'd live to see the day that human life has been devalued to the degree it has in this country. God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, but His patience is NOT infinite. Ask the former residents of Sodom and Gomorrah or the ancient Israelites. And when His patience with us reaches its end, His wrath will be a fearsome thing. We need to be praying for His mercy, big-time, and for a return to commonsense Christian morality and reverence for human life.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

WTF would like to note that behaviour like this is the result of the Culture of Death perpetrated by the pro-abortion crowd.

How about that Culture of Death perpetrated by the pro-war crowd?

God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, but His patience is NOT infinite.

I couldn't agree with God more on this one. We are getting really tired of your nonsense.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Dean, come on, even you know that Partial Birth Abortion is tantamount to infanticide.

TNP said...

Dean, when the lites go out for you, dude, brace yourself. The truth is not gonna be pretty, no matter how sophisticated and erudite you may fancy yourself to be, and no matter how supercilious your view of Christian believers may be.

Anonymous said...

The Dean makes an excellent point. Your tax dollars are going to bomb innocent people. That's means men, women and children. Over 650,000 of them. Where's your outrage at that?

How can you call yourself pro-life and not be protesting a war that you help pay for? Thou shalt not kill!

If you don't denounce the war you are a foolish hypocrit!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Anonymous guy, nice try at changing the subject. It is awful to see how low you regard our troops. You sound just like John Kerry. Thou Shalt Not Kill? No, the correct translation is Thou Shalt Not MURDER. Very different. Also, you spelled "hypocrite" wrong.

So, do you think that Partial Birth Abortion is infanticide? If not, how can you justify yourself? There is no real difference between Partial Birth Abortion and murdering a three week old.

autisticmom said...

Well, I will agree that PBA is infanticide. Period. As for war deaths, NO that's not the same. People die in wars. Always have always will. That's the nature of war. How about lecturing the "innocent civilians" over there to denounce the terrorists in their own midst, instead of attacking the American men & women fighting to ensure our liberties ?

Anonymous said...

How silly to think that I hold the troops in low regard. I'm not attacking the men and women that serve in the military.

I'm attacking the policies of the chickenhawk war criminals that sent them into a war without armor in country that didn't attack us and wasn't a threat.

I don't like John Kerry, but he did serve in the military unlike Bush, Chenney and Rummsfeld. He also voted for this stupid quagmire.

Murder is when a person kills an innocent person whether you are wearing a uniform or not makes no difference.

If you're so concerned about the murder of children then you wouldn't support this war because kids are being blown to bits because you think it's ok to kill "innocent civillians". You aren't pro-life, you're a hypcrite!

If the troops are over there fighting for our civil liberties then they should be back home stoping the constitution shredding Patriot Act. It is George Bush and congress that are taking away our civil liberties, not Hussien or OBL.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

It is clear that you hold the troops in low regard. You said that they are bombing "innocent people".

So, while you are desperately trying to change the subject, I'm still asking you, "So, do you think that Partial Birth Abortion is infanticide? If not, how can you justify yourself?"

There is no real difference between Partial Birth Abortion and murdering a three week old.

Will you answer, or cut and run?

Anonymous said...

WTF, while the troops do bomb innocent civillians, they aren't the ones that make the decisions. It is President AWOL and his daddies friends from the Iran/Contra days that are to blame.

I don't agree that they are exactly the same, but I don't support partial birth abortion. Sex education and prevention are the key to stoping this.

My point is that you shouldn't support any murder, but you do. You can't be pro-life and pro-war at the same time.

I never cut and run. George Bush and his chickenhawk buddies cut and ran when they had the chance to serve their country. Now they send our soldiers into a war with a country that wasn't a threat and didn't attack us.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I agree: partial birth abortion is like infanticide. Both destroy a human life that has no self-awareness, no expectations for the future, no memories, etc. Now don't read into that: I'm not supporting either, just stating facts!

The collateral damage of this war kills innocent humans who are self-aware, involved in relationships, have dreams for their future, etc.

Why in the world would you say these innocent people need to denounce terror? Do you know them? What makes you think they like terrorism?

You need to denounce the terrorism of the Bush administration.

And like Anon. above, I don't really give a shit about John Kerry, either.

TNP said...

The "terrorism of the Bush Administration" is directed against our enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere with collateral damage among civilians. And that wonderful "terrorism" is being conducted to protect your pacifist ass, Dean. The thugs and murderers of Islamic Jihadism intentionally kill civilians and would kill you and your family if they had a chance. Thank God for the aggressiveness of the President and his administration! We're killing the enemy on his doorstep instead of ours. And if you are so steeped in leftist or pacifistic rhetoric and delusion that you don't understand that simple fact, so be it. We can win this global war without you.

Anonymous said...

"The "terrorism of the Bush Administration" is directed against our enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere with collateral damage among civilians."

Iraq and Afghanistan didn't attack us and weren't a threat to us. We've killed over 650,000 innocent people in Iraq alone. Iraq was a secular country. Iran was also until we overthrew their democratically elected President Mossedegh and installed a brutal christian dictator called the Shah.

"And that wonderful "terrorism" is being conducted to protect your pacifist ass" These wars haven't made us safer, they've made us hated around the world, we've wasted 500 billion dollars and over stretched our forces.

Our resources are stretched so thin we lost a major city to a storm even though Bush had 3 days notice before it came. 500 billion could've gone for health care, education and investment in alternative energy. That would've made us safer.

You can't have perpetual war fo perpetual peace. You can't base your foreign policy on the interests of corporations like GE, Halliburton, Bechtel and Lockhead Martin. Their loyalty is only to the bottom line.

You can't be pro-life and pro-war!

TNP said...

Anonymous at 8:45 pm, you are so full of it I'll bet your eyes are brown.

I AM pro-life and pro-defense. No one I've ever known is "pro-war." I'm a veteran of war. NO ONE hates war as much as I do or any vet does. War is degrading, ugly, depressing, expensive, smelly, noisy and very harmful to living creatures, especially mankind. But, and you pacifist types and your leftist friends may never accept or understand this, there...
are...lots...of...things...worse...than...war. That's why I'm in favor of our aggression against the Islamic Jihadist thugs and murderers, regardless of the cost. And Bush is absolutely right to fight them where they live rather than where we live. Why don't you get that? Your writing tells me you're not stupid or uneducated. Are you afraid of the bad men on this planet? Do you honestly think we could fortify our coastlines and prevent the thugs and murderers from attacking us? What in the name of sense do you think would happen if we left Iraq? I know exactly what would happen, and it would be disastrous. We ARE indeed safer because of the ugly, nasty war in Iraq. We've not been hit in the homeland since 9/11, because Iraq is drawing terrorists that we can kill there, because of the Patriot Act, because of the NSA-sanctioned eavesdropping on overseas electronic communications and because we will not extend legal protections to the thugs and murderers we have imprisoned at Gitmo and elsewhere and therefore they can't get out to fight, hurt and kill Americans again. You and all those who think as you do fail to understand how much danger our nation and our people are in. And I thank the Lord God that President Bush DOES understand and his generals understand and our wonderful volunteer military forces understand. Only you safe, fat, "intellectually superior" and complacent members of the American Left DON'T understand what we face. And I'm convinced that it will take another 9/11-type attack against our homeland to wake you people up. It's a mean, vicious world out there, and we must defend ourselves. BTW, if we are so utterly hated around the world, as you indicated, why the hell does everyone in the world want to come here to live and work and raise their kids?

Anonymous said...

"you pacifist types and your leftist friends may never accept or understand this, there...

Please enlighten us about these things that are worse than war. In the 21st century we don't need war, it doesn't solve any problems unless you're talking about a war on poverty which we've completely

"That's why I'm in favor of our aggression against the Islamic Jihadist thugs and murderers, regardless of the cost."

Once again Iraq was a secularist country. We trained, funded and created Osama Bin Laden. We support the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait etc.

"Bush is absolutely right to fight them where they live rather than where we live. Why don't you get that?"

You should read Kevin Phillips book "American Dynasty" a book written by a Republican strategist that worked in the Nixon white house. He documents how the Bush family has been in the arms business for generations, going to Sam Bush and George Herbert Walker. They have been connected to Halliburton and other war profiteering corporations before during and since WW2.

"Are you afraid of the bad men on this planet?"

I'm afraid of good men being tricked into supporting horrible things because of the fear and misunderstanding created by a media thats primary function is to manufacture consent for war in the name of peace.

"Do you honestly think we could fortify our coastlines and prevent the thugs and murderers from attacking us?"

I think the best way to end terrorism is to stop engaging in it and funding it.

"What in the name of sense do you think would happen if we left Iraq?"

We need to internationalize the force there by ending the corporate occupation. Halliburton needs to pull out so Iraqi's can get the jobs of rebuilding along with the rest of the world that will help under different circumstances. Neighboring countries that understand the language and culture are needed temporarily.

We can't fight wars for the interest of corporations that have no sense of morality or loyalty. We need to pay reparations and stop sending billions of dollars worth of WMDs to Isreal and work to bring a peaceful settlement to that conflict. Carter has written a new book about this and Bush hasn't done anything to get us closer to a settlement.

The Patriot Act shreds our constituion and makes us less free. The terrorist didn't take our liberties away, the Republicrats did. Ben Franklin said "those that would give up liverty for security deserve neither."

We don't even know what the people at Gitmo are accused of. They get swept up, tortured or dissapeared. If their guilty, try them for their crimes. There is a thing called international law even though it has been abandoned by the US.

It is flawed logic to think that we haven't been hit because of the war in Iraq. It has inflamed the anti-American sentiment that makes us hated and seen as an evil threat all around the world.

People in the middle east know we supported Hussiens reign of terror, overthrew Iran, helped destroy Afghanistan with the Russians and supported Isreal's acts of war agaisnt Lebanon and Palistine.

Half of the world surives on 2 or 3 dollars a day. People come to industrialized nations because their dying to survive. These nations have helped create a neo-colonial/corporate economic system that keeps the third world trapped in poverty. We aren't even in the top ten when it comes to living standard. We have more adult and child poverty than any industrialized nation and things are getting worse here.

Our government stoped calling hungry people "hungry". The now say these people have "low food security". They changed the name of the war department to the defence department. It's still a war department and it's the reason why we have hungry people including many children in this country.

Feed the hungry adults and children. Give health care to the 46 million Americans (millions of them are children)that don't get it. 18,000 people die every year in the US because they don't have it, that's 6 9/11s every year. The worlds only super power is the only industrialized nation that doesn't give free care for all its citizens.

Give education and living wages to all Americans and then we'll be more secure. A much better way to spend $500 billion than mudering innocent people for what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex.

You should go back and read his speech on the subject. He was a great Republican that wasn't a pacifist.

I'm not fat, I don't have brown eyes and if I was complacent I wouldn't have taken the time to challenge your assumptions. I'm not "intellectually superior", though I'm right when I say you support the (unnessacary)war and that makes you pro-war, not pro-life.

TNP said...

You and I will never agree on any of the basics for this reason: the US is involved in a global war against a ruthless, determined, brutal enemy, and I know the only way to achieve peace is through victory. You want peace, period. You simply want to stop fighting, to talk to the thugs and murderers of Islamic Jihadism, to see why they hate us so much and see if we can accommodate them and appease them so they won't hate us or hurt us. I want to achieve peace by defeating them, period. You want peace by stopping the fighting.

In a classroom, in a beer hall, in a dorm discussion, in a poem, in a story, your approach to achieving peace works wonders. What else can peace be but the absence of war, right? But I'm gonna tell you and tell you and tell you again that peace ONLY comes through victory, and victory ONLY comes about by fighting and winning the war. Why the Islamic Jihadists are trying to harm us, why they seek our destruction and the destruction of our friends in the UK and in Israel is irrelevant. I don't care why. I only know that any power or group that seeks to destroy my nation, my family or my friends faces my wrath and my determined efforts to kill, disable or capture and imprison them, regardless of the cost. It's just that simple. I'm very sorry you can't or won't understand.

Anonymous said...

Once again I'll remind you that Iraq was a secularist country. It was not run by Islamic Jihadist, but by a brutal dictator that we supported through the worst of his atrocities.

Peace comes through understanding. If you have a problem with someone it is best to talk to them and find common ground than it is to destroy them at all costs. It works the same at all levels. We were never attacked by Iraq and so we have delt the first blow. This is creating more hatred, not less. You simply can't destroy half of the world. We must learn to live together.

"Why the Islamic Jihadists are trying to harm us, why they seek our destruction and the destruction of our friends in the UK and in Israel is irrelevant. I don't care why."

Victory should be about winning the hearts and minds of people not committing mass murder. If you knew the history of the UK, Isreal and the US, you'd know that there are good reasons for them to hate what these governments have done to their countries and people. If we would stop occupying their lands, murdering their people and stealing their resources there would be peace.

They used the same argument about victory at all costs in Vietnam and all that happened was that tens of thousands more of our soldiers got killed and millions of Vietnamese were murdered. We lost the war and the world didn't end. They didn't come to our shores and destroy us as we were told.

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind". Ghandi beat the british empire without bombs or a single bullet. Which part of "Thou shalt not kill" don't you understand?

There's a special place in hell indeed!

TNP said...

The correct translation of the Hebrew in the Sixth Commandment (Exodus 20:13) is Thou Shalt not Murder." The killing that takes place in war is not murder, no matter what someone like you calls it.

I have two university degrees in...
history, plus 3 1/2 years work on a PhD in...history. I taught history for one year at the university level, plus one year as a history instructor in the Army. In addition, I am a war veteran. And I'm gonna continue telling you that your notions of how to achieve peace sound wonderful but don't work. I can't make it any clearer than that.

No one was told that the North Vietnamese Communists in Hanoi would "come to our shores." You need to be more careful in your assertions. And we lost that war because of the political opposition here in this country, people who thought as you do that there is nothing worse than war.

Listen, I have a notion that you are young. You might even be female. I don't want to know. As I wrote above, you write pretty well and express yourself fairly clearly. But you are so steeped in error and wishful thinking that we will NEVER make any sense to each other. So let's agree to disagree agreeably and give it up. You and I both have better things to do with our time than continue missing each other in written form. A sincere Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

TNP, are you cut and runner???

"The killing that takes place in war is not murder, no matter what someone like you calls it."

When innocent people are killed because you drop bombs and WMDs on civillian populations it is certainly murder and an international war crime. We are committing the same crimes that German leaders were hung for.

We lost the war in Vietnam because we continued the failed policies of the colonial French. We dropped more bombs on that country than all that were dropped in WW2.

We couldn't win because we were the problem. If they want to be communist it's their call. You can't deliver democarcy at the end of a gun, but US corporations can steal their resources that way.

"You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace." Your notions of how to achieve peace by more indiscriminate war are a tragedy and a farce.

Merry Christmas and peace on earth!

TNP said...

You don't know enough to know how little you know. You have the floor. Show us more examples of your broad knowledge and deep understanding.

Anonymous said...

No point, you cut and ran. I declare moral victory. Mission Accomplished!

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