Thursday, November 02, 2006

BUSTED: Vic Wulsin lying about nuclear waste.

WTF has, in cooperation with BizzyBlog, been examining documents that have been acquired. In a letter, dated Oct. 31, 2006, to union leaders at the Piketon nuclear plant and to the leadership of the Southern Ohio Diversification Initiative, Dr. Victoria Wells AKA Victoria Wulsin lauds them for applying for a grant. This grant that she is lauding is the very one that Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is helping them with. It is the very grant that Victoria Wulsin is ATTACKING Congresswoman Schmidt for, claiming that Congresswoman Schmidt is trying to turn Pike County into a toxic waste dump. If Dr. Victoria Wells AKA Victoria Wulsin knew so much about the grant, then she would know that it is about RECYCLING uranium at an already existing Department of Energy nuclear site. Therefore one can only conclude that Victoria is lying.

Wells/Wulsin's lie is so outrageous that the USW union out at the nuclear facility chimed in. They wrote a letter, dated November 1st, 2006 to Dr. Wells/Wulsin. In the letter, they write that they appreciate Victoria's support for the plant (which she indicated in her letter, while simultaneously lying in the press). They then go on to write:

We are concerned with a fundamental misconception reported in the press, most recently in the Cincinnati Enquirer, about our pursuit for funding to complete a detailed site analysis related to the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership program (GNEP). Our goal is to complete a site analysis to determine if the Piketon site and local community would support hosting new technologies to related to GNEP.

I don't see anything there about a nuclear waste dump. I see a study to see if new technologies might be hosted at the Piketon site.

The union then completely debunks Wells/Wulsin's lie.

It is important to note that we have not met any elected official or candidate for public office from the Congressional level to the local level that disagrees with our pursuit of funds to complete the site analysis. Most importantly, no elected official including your opponent Congresswoman Schmidt, union member, or community leader supports the idea of creating a waste dump at the Piketon site. Our intent is to better understand the GNEP program, our site, and the role we can play in supporting the country's journey toward energy independence.

There you have it. Proof debunking the lies of Victoria Wells/Wulsin, Jim Borgman, and others. Victoria Wells AKA Victoria should be ashamed of yourself. NOBODY propsed a waste dump in the Second District. Nobody wants a waste dump. Congresswoman Schmidt is to be lauded and praised for her help of the workers in Pike County. Victoria Wulsin...shame on you for your dishonesty and your lies.

For the convenience of our dear readers, WTF gives you copies of the letters.
Click on thumbnails for full views, and note that we have removed certain personally identifying information of some recipients or senders.


Anonymous said...

Jean Schmidt supports the American Centrifuge project and the ongoing cleanup program at Piketon. She is not now nor has she previously pushed for Piketon to be a nuclear waste site as OH 2nd’s blog states. OH 2nd should also be interested to know that the Democratic Governor candidate, Ted Strickland, also has supported it. In a letter to President Bush Strickland said:
“We must work quickly to provide support for the economic assistance efforts, site cleanup, development of new enrichment technology, and the preservation of our country’s capacity to enrich uranium,” the letter said. “It is imperative that DOE move forward...with substantive support on these fronts in the spirit of the Departments’ original plan.”
I suggest that OH 2nd do his homework before pontificating on something he clearly knows nothing about. But then again OH 2nd has been getting very dizzy trying to spin everyone of Wulsin's lies.

TNP said...

Good Work, WTF! I had begun to get depressed a bit over the nuclear waste brouhaha. Your succinct report straightens that out, and, quite frankly, lifted my spirits! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The First Law of Holes is: When you're in one, stop digging.

Wiskey Tango Foxtrot appears to understand little about nuclear energy, nuclear fuel, USEC, etc. The letters clearly show that BOTH candidates support development of the American Centrifuge project at the Portsmouth facility. This would separate isotopes of Uranium Hexafloride gas via the centrifuge rather than the original gaseous diffusion technique. Jean Schmidt wants to go further and create a Portsmouth storage facility for spent solid Uranium material in hopes that a vertical reprocessing business can be created there.

Given the history of USEC (USU) that's a very dangerous hope. This company has stubbed its toe repeatedly since it was spun off from DOE. They chased the Australian laser separation technique, claiming it would jump over the standard centrifuge technique in place in the rest of the world. They abandonned that hope after spending years and hundreds of millions of dollars. (Check out Silex.) Faced with a foreign company Urenco which recently received a license to set up a centrifuge facility in New Mexico, they've embraced the proven technique.

Read the USEC 10K's that they've filed on EDGAR. They're ugly. Despite considerable subsidies from the US Gov't, USU is stumbling. They've lost market share. They've taken huge losses. Their stock price is down. They are flailing. They will grasp at straws, including warehousing spent fuel rods from all over the world.

Ask yourself: would you invest in a company that is less than candid with its shareholders? One that dilutes out your stock ownership by gifting thousands of shares each year to members of the Board of Directors and management insiders? (Look at the Form 4's filed with the SEC.) Do you like companies that resort to influence peddling as indicated by the CEO's donations to Rep. Schmidt? Why can't he just stick to his business of running the Paduqua plant, building the American Centrifuge, cleaning up Portsmouth, negotiating favorable electricity contracts, and keeping the cost of SWU's down? Why start going into another business?

Republicans like Schmidt need to stop pandering to easy money. We need nuclear power, but we don't need any more Fernald disasters. You don't store spent radioactive fuel on the headwaters of one of your greatest river systems. The power sources, facilities, and workforce are there to operate a gaseous separation facility. You don't want to run the risk of contaminating our HeartLand by piling up nuclear material because the company that's hoping to find a profitable business happens to give you cash and tell you that they have a good idea.

I suggest you read up on the subject and the players before you continue to misinform your bloggers.

BizzyBlog said...

#3 anon, you are of course missing the point.

Wulsin sends a letter to the unions saying she supports the project, drops in a sentence about something no one is even THINKING about doing, and then runs around with her invented problem.

The union, which would normally be expected to support a Democrat, couldn't stand the scam being perpetrated (because it fears that, if elected, Wulsin would turn her back on the facility), and called her on it, with a letter to Wulsin, and later a letter to Schmidt.

What about “no elected official including your opponent Congresswoman Schmidt, union member, or community leader supports the idea of creating a waste dump at the Piketon site.” don't you understand?

TNP said...

Nice response, Biz. With sharp folks like you in our corner the disloyal opposition has no chance of success by obfuscation.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have forgotten about USEC(USU). They run the plant. They need more business. They would like to control the stream of fissionable material in the US (or perhaps the World). Their Russian deal isn't nearly as controllable, or profitable, as expected.

Nuclear waste dump; Spent uranium storage rod facility; whatever. Bring it on!

The HQ for USEC is in Bethesda, Maryland. They're not part of the community. They want high dividends and a high stock price to sell their zero cost option shares.

Jean Schmidt appears to be USEC's handmaiden.

Wulsin supports the American Centrifuge project, she specifically rejects the notion of a radioactive nuclear dump site.

Jean Schmidt's letter
is a wide-open invitation.

Perhaps you should read this article from the Columbus Dispatch:

Do you think that Dan T. Moore 3rd - former member of the Board of Directors of USEC, now "driving force behind Southern Ohio Nuclear Integration Cooperative (SONIC) is operating in a vacuum?

Like Jean Schmidt's boss says: "Bring it on".

Anonymous said...

The USEC proxy from 2002 shows Dan T. Moore owning 53,857 shares of USU. (He left the BOD after that meeting.) How many of those shares do you think he actually purchased? How many were 'gifted' to him by insiders and upper management?

Gee, do you think that the President of the Dan T. Moore Co. that specializes in 'advanced materials and technologies' doesn't want to try his hand at nuclear waste? Do you think that hiring a former manager from the Portsmouth facility is just to study possibilities?

Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

Anonymous said...

Vic Wulsin is just another rich, out of touch liberal from Indian Hill trying to con voters into thinking she is in touch with the voters. She is so far out there she wouldn't know a John Q. Citizen if he shook her hand. Don't buy the hype!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, problem is that Wulsin actually worked her way through school and has held a job. What money she has, she earned.

'Mean Jean' may or may not have a degree, can't keep a private sector job, and inherited all her money.

Rolling Stone has a hilarious portrait of Schmidt:

You got to laugh when they portray her as Gerry Ford with tits. And her
"wrench-tightened bun of wire black hair". So true, so true.