Thursday, November 23, 2006

Make every vote count?

WTF has learned that while Dr. Victoria Wells AKA Dr. Victoria Wulsin has been screaming about "making every vote count", neither she, nor a representative has attended any of the provisional countings, in any county.

Victoria keeps on trying to fight windmills.


TNP said...

Appearance over reality, that's the liberal mantra, and Wulsin personifies it. She's trying to appear as though she gives a rat's rearend about getting every single bloody vote counted, even though she has only a very remote chance of winning. A candidate of principle, a person of character, someone to look up to clinging to what's right despite tremendous odds in order to uphold DEMOCRACY AND THE AMERICAN WAY. Give me a break. Yes, all the votes must be counted. So? All the votes must ALWAYS be counted, once they've been validated. What's the big deal? Wulsin is some kind of hero because she won't concede while insisting that all the votes in an American election be counted? BS. It's just show over substance.

Anonymous said...

Apperance over reality is a "liberal mantra"? Where are those WMDs they said they knew where they were?

Why would someone concede before the all the votes are counted? It was a close race and it was possible that the outcome could've changed.

We know Republicans don't care if all the votes are counted, especially in African American districts. Just ask Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Ken Blackwell and Scalia. Then W wants to pretend he's bringing Democracy to Iraq at the end of a gun and WMDs. Talk about show over substance!

TNP said...

Anonymous at 1:31 pm, here's a partial listing of the public figures who and organizations which insisted that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had WMD's: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Madeline Albright, the Mossad, the current Russian equivalent of the old Soviet KGB, French intelligence, German intelligence, British intelligence and EU intelligence. Oh yes, and the Bush Administration based on the best intelligence the Clinton-corrupted and crippled CIA could produce at the time. So don't give me that liberal crap about "Bush lied and people died." WMD's HAVE been found in Iraq--Saddam just had the time to move nearly all of them to Syria thanks to the inept IAEA and the corrupt UN. We did the right thing to topple Saddam's regime, and very soon that killer/thug will be hanged. He'll never again be able to give sanctuary to al Qaeda or use WMD against his neighbors or his own people, 'cause the SOB will be dead.

Your statement about black voters being disenfranchised in Florida is an unproven assertion believed by the same people who think the New Orleans levees were blown up during Hurricane Katrina. Get real. The Republicans lose an election, and they take their lumps and move on. The Dems lose and immediately begin to cry fraud, I guess because their politically-correct feelings are hurt that they lost. I'm sick of it.

Anonymous said...

The Downing Street memos have proven that they were fixing the intelligence as weapons inspector Scott Ritter had sad. Joseph Wilson investigated the yellow cake claims and knew they were false and said so. Bush did lie and people are still dying. There was no link to Al Queda and even Bush admits this and that there were no WMDs.

We Hussien had WMDs because Rumsfeld had the reciepts. We gave them to him after the worst of his atrocities. These weapons weren't any good any more.

All you have to do is read CNN analysts Jeffrey Toobin's book "Too close to call" to know that Bush lost. Or you could read the BBCs Greg Palast's work.

I'm not a democrat and didn't vote for Gore or Kerry. Katherine Harris scrubbed 66,000 voters of the voter rolls for being convicted felons, they were only guilty of being black. Bush supposedly won by 567 votes. Do the math.

Knowing this and other facts doesn't mean you think the levees were blown up. How long did it take Bush to go down there after the storm? How many people died even though they new before hand that it was going to be the big one? They still haven't fixed New Orleans.

Why did Bush read "My Pet Goat" for 7 minutes after being told "the country is under attack"?

TNP said...

Anonymous at 3:34 pm, I feel sorry for you. You have bought all the liberal, Bush-bashing line of BS, and there's no dissuading you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

TNP, I feel sorry for you that you get your information from Fox news and Rush Limbaugh. I'm sure you're an intelligent person, but getting your information from these sources leaves you misinformed.

There were no WMDs or Links to Bin Laden. What I wrote are facts that you can read and find out about, but won't. I'm not saying that Gore was better, just that he in fact won the election.

TNP said...

Anonymous at 12:34 pm, Bush won; the evidence is clear--he was inaugurated. Our system prevailed, and Gore was shunted aside, thank goodness!

There WERE, in fact, WMD's in Iraq, and who cares if there were no direct links between Saddam's sadistic regime and OBL. Saddam's Iraq was a training ground for al Qaeda, Zarqawi received emergency medical treatment in Saddam's hospitals before the invasion and Saddam's govt was paying $25K to the families of each suicide bomber who set himself or herself off inside Israel. BTW, my news sources include 9 internet news outlets, Fox News, several talk shows and 3 online newspapers, plus C-Span 1 and 2. I'll guarantee you that I'm at least as well-informed as you or anyone you associate with.

But, no matter. I'm tired of dealing with the politically deaf. You'll see just how wrong you and your friends are if the Dems dismantle our nation's safeguards against attack and one or two of our cities become seas of radioactive glass overnite. Watch how long it takes for the imprisoned thugs and murderers of Islamic Jihadism to hurt us after they get released via the constitutional legal protections the Dems will extend to them as soon as they can. But, no matter, there's not a damned thing I can do about it until 2008. Then Katie bar the door.

Anonymous said...

You're "news" source Fox explains it all. Even resident Bush has said "there were no WMDs" and "there were no links to 9/11". Al Queda wasn't in Iraq, but they are now.

We trained and gave money to OBL and Hussien. You should watch the BBC, Democracy Now and other news ouitlets. I really don't think you're stupid or anything like that. You are being misinformed by Fox news.

I respect the fact that you pay attention and try to know what's going on. Change where you get your information and you'll be better informed.

BTW I'm not a Democrat and they voted for the war and have voted to fund it. They got us into Vietnam and WW2 so they can be just as hawkish as the Republicans.

Why did Bush sit and read "My pet goat" for 7 minutes after being told the country is under attack?

How is that tough on terrorism or strong on defence?

Anonymous said...
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