Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Hitler who advocates the murder of children.

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Yes, Giuliani wants YOU to pay for the murder of babies, and he'll appoint abortion loving judges to the Supreme Court too!

Then there is this:
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Yes, Giuliani wants YOU to give up your freedom to the government.

To which Ben Franklin replies:
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Yes, Franklin would be disgusted.


TNP said...

It grieves me to say this, but I have major difficulties supporting Giuliani's candidacy. I'm aggrieved about it, because he appears to be running strong, he's popular and he's getting lots of good press. He appeals to conservatives who want 1) successful prosecution of the war on terror, 2) prosecution of the "mob" and criminal gangs as a key step in reducing crime in our major metropolitan areas and
3) fiscal restraints on taxation and government spending. I'm a Reagan Conservative, and, indeed, I want all these things, too. BUT I have grave reservations about his pro-gun control attitude. And I can NEVER support a candidate who advocates 1) abortion on demand including public funding of abortions for poor women, 2) a
positive attitude toward the barbaric, inhuman crime of infanticide, commonly referred to as "partial-birth abortion," 3) a pro-embryonic stem-cell research position and 4) publicly and without reservation the acceptance of same-sex "marriage."

He has recently said that as Prez he would nominate strict constructionists to the appellate and supreme courts. But a review of his judicial appointments as mayor of NYC reveals that he appointed Democrats by an 8 to 1 majority and that more than one of his appointments were part and parcel of NARAL or the so-called "homosexual rights movement."

Giuliani is likeable. But he's a liberal on too many issues for me to work for or vote for him. Would I vote for him if he winds up with the GOP nomination for prez? Yes, rather than vote for any Democrat, I would vote for him. But I don't want to have to face that dilemma. I want a true conservative as my president. And right now I'm leaning strongly in the direction of pushing Fred Thompson into the fray. I could even accept a Thompson/Giuliani ticket or a Thompson/Rice twosome. Will Fred run? I don't know, but I truly hope so.

Finally, I will NEVER accept Shrillary/Hillary/Billary or Osama/Obama/rama as Commander-in-Chief. 2008 is a very, very important election year. It behooves all of us to work and work hard to win the White House again and to regain control of both houses of Congress.

LargeBill said...

I fully agree. I posted on this a while ago. People are spreading the lesser of two evils argument and asserting that Giuliani is the only one who could beat Sen. Clinton. Garbage. Reality is he has the worst chance of beating her. He will forfeit the votes of some percentage of social conservatives. Also, some woman who might otherwise vote Republican will vote for Clinton just for the novelty of voting for the first female president. Giuliani's marital history and open infidelity while married to his last wife will drive more women to not want to vote for him. In the recent past, landslides (1984, 1972, etc) have been won by the right and the lefts only chance of winning has been getting it close enough that vote fraud would put them over the top. If we nominate the former mayor of New York, we will have landslide the other way. I don't know what states Giuliani would carry if any.