Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Ass Exposed: "Whistleblower" Jim Schifirin

No, we're not talking about Chris Finney and his ass shaking this time. We are talking about Finney's special friend, Jim Schifrin...a man with the aptly earned nickname of "The Blower". Over at the Cincinnati Beacon, a poster goes into full detail of the sordid affair between Schifrin, Finney, Heimlich and Brinkman. It is a good read.

Phil Heimlich surrounds himself with the unsavory. WTF wonders if Hemilich will ever have the guts to denounce his crooked cronies, Finney and Schifrin.

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TNP said...

Schifrin and the dingdongs he speaks for are creating chasms of division in the local Republican Party that may take years to heal. Meanwhile, the Dems are gleefully linking Schifrin et al with ALL local Republicans and condemning ALL with a broad brush. The only local candidate I know of who is totally free of any of the ugliness associated with the Schifrin/Finney/Brinkman/COAST cabal is Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. And that's why she is vilified by Schifrin and dissed at every turn by Finney's Fanatics (AKA COAST) and by certain silly, ineffective Republicans in Anderson Township. Schifrin deserves every bit of the harshest criticism he gets. He's vile and despicable, and so are the people he speaks for. Sad to say, they're all Republicans (unless there's a Libertarian or two in the woodpile).