Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Enquirer Blog: Heimlich Crony melts down.

Politics Extra: Finney to Pepper: Kiss my (expletive)

Chris Finney is well known in Cincinnati Republican circles...as a snake. Finney is the business partner and sometimes companion of Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich. Finney is also the cofounder of COAST with Tom Brinkman. Finney has also been appointed to numerous boards and commissions by Phil Heimlich.

Finney and Brinkman are the architects behind the constant attacks on their fellow Republican, Jean Schmidt. With Heimlich's ties as "best friends" with the two, there is no way that he is not involved. Finney and Brinkman are the puppetmasters of Nate Noy, the Pike County nut who filed the frivolous complaints against the Congresswoman.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that Phil Heimlich, Chris Finney, and Tom Brinkman are misogynists. They hate the fact that a WOMAN is representing them in Congress. They hate the fact that the woman is from Clermont County. They hate the fact that the woman is not Tom Brinkman, whom Jean Schmidt vanquished in the Special Primary some time ago.

Insider rumors indicate that the corrupt COAST cabal wants is trying to weaken Congresswoman Schimdt so that they can run their own corrupt candidate, Phil Heimlich against her in two years. I wouldn't put that past them.

Because of their corruption, this Republican stands opposed to the COAST cabal. Heimlich needs to go so that dignity can be restored and so that Finney loses his influence.

Chris Finney is an ass. He needs to realize that nobody wants to further see his ass, nor hear his opinions.


Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin' about! If we're going to purge the party of moderates, let's purge it of dink-wads as well...these three are a good start.

TNP said...

During the special primary election last year, I was disturbed by what I discerned as pure hatred directed toward Jean Schmidt. Surely, I thought, I must be wrong; intense dislike, strong negative feelings engendered by fierce electoral competition, bitter resentments for some unknown reason, but it couldn't be pure hatred. I was wrong. It IS pure hatred, and I've determined the rotten apple source of it: Christopher Finney.
His astonishingly puerile, profane and ugly display today at the Pepper rally in Ivorydale convinced me. Finney is an abscess in the southwestern Ohio Republican body politic, and if Republicans are to continue to thrive and advance, he MUST be driven out of public life. He and his COAST fanatics and their toothless, noisy, diarrhetic
potty-mouthpiece, Jim Schifrin, are worse than disgraceful; they are a genuine threat to Republican unity and Republican political prosperity.