Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Moonbat: Sheehan plays fido with her uterus.

Cindy Sheehan continues to disgrace the memory of her son, Specialist Casey Sheehan, United States Army, deceased. For those who don't know, Specialist Sheehan is a true American hero. He was a soldier and mechanic in the Army's Charlie Batter, 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillary Regiment, First Cavalry Division. On April 4, 2004, Specialist Sheehan volunteered as part of a quick reaction force to rescue fellow warfighters in need of aid. For his heroic actions, Specialist Sheehan was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, with the Valor device. This combination is awarded for heroic or meritorious achievement or service with combat heroism.

Specialist Sheehan was killed in action that day.

Since his death, his mother has disgraced his name. Now it only gets worse. Hot Air blog has a recording of Sheehan discussing the burial of her uterus in Crawford , TX.

Perhaps "Mother" Sheehan is mentally ill. Maybe her son's death put her over the edge. Either way, she needs help.

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