Friday, October 20, 2006

How wrong was Howard, really?

Politics Extra: Report from Blue Ash

In the above link, you'll see Enquirer reporter Howard Wilkinson's report in which he noted about 100 folks at the rainy, cold rally for Blackwell. Well, I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth. Howard's post was at 5:54. H owever, I believe that he wrote it earlier. Since the report was posted by Carl Weiser, it stands to reason that Wilkinson emailed it to Weiser, who then posted it. Given that this stuff takes time, we'll give a five minute spread. Heck, let's call it 5:50 when Howard wrote his report.

At that time, Howard Wilkinson was correct. There were about 120 folks there. So, Howard was close enough. However, he should have posted later with more correct numbers. The event really got rolling at about 6:15. By that time, WTF counted about 215 in attendence. By 6:30, WTF noted 275 or more...probably more than 300. So, WTF cannot fault Wilkinson's earlier reporting, but notes that an update should have been given.

Anthony Munoz is a great asset to the party.
Congresswoman Schmidt was on her "A Game" and really connected.
Commissioner Phil Heimlich did a fine job, but strained himself on his jokes.
Commander Bill Cunningham worked the crowd the best.
Sean Hannity looks different in person, and doesn't do as good a job at whipping a crowd up as Cunningham.


Anonymous said...

The news media has a much harder time counting Republicans than Democrats. With the democrats the news always sees doubles.

TNP said...

WTF, what you did with this post is exactly why I continue to read the blogs in general and yours in particular. Thanks for some good reporting!