Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cranley: Clearly a Cut and Run Coward.

In Last night's debate with Congressman Steve Chabot, John Cranley said he wanted a "redeployment" from Iraq. For those who don't know, "redeployment" is liberal doublespeak for "cut and run".

Cranley in Congress? Hell no.

Cranley, just another Murtha.


RGBlogging said...

What do you have against Murtha?

TNP said...

Rgblogging, WTF doesn't need me to answer for him. So I'll answer you for me. Paul Hackett, no favorite of mine to say the very least, was correct in referring to his fellow Marine, Jack Murtha, as "irresponsible." Hackett was being too kind from my perspective. Murtha is stuck in a time warp and doesn't seem to understand the nature of the deadly and determined enemy we face today in Iraq and indeed around the globe. He refers to cut and run retreat and defeat as "redeployment." Baloney! He's a self-serving jerk who needs to come in out of the rain, button his confused and corrupt mouth (can you say "Abscam"?) and get to the backbenches of Congress where he belongs. I'm rooting for Diana Irey to unseat the old blathermouth on November 7.

LargeBill said...

I watched that Cranley v. Chabot debate and Cranley is clearly not ready for prime time. You any of these Dems understand how stupid they sound going immediately from critizing the current administration for taking action in Iraq to bitching that they aren't doing something about No. Korea? If Bush had taken action against No. Korea those same critics would be saying was a diversion from the war in Iraq.

As TNP said, Murtha has attempted to use his past service to protect him from criticism for foolish statements. Veterans should be applauded for their service, but that does not mean they are automatically right about political decisions. That goof should have been bounced from Congress 25 years ago for ABSCAM.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the republicans aren't staying the course. Murtha talks to the Generals and is going on what they are telling him you dipshit.

Iraq didn't attack us and wasn't a threat. Where's Osama? Not in Iraq!

Were we greated as liberators?

Why did it take Bush 7 minutes to put down my pet goat and get up after he was told the country is under attack?